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FAQ Page

11. I want to be a Shima Girl! How do I become one? If you want to be a Shima Girl, first you must be very SERIOUS about your Shima Hair Growth Journey and forget everything you thought you knew about Black hair care and growth in general. Then once you begin using your Shima Hair Growth products you must pay attention and do everything as instructed. It is always best to get The Shima Hair Full Line Special With DVD if you are a newbie. The Shima Hair Wash Day DVD will teach you how to use the products correctly and basically how to do everything from scratch in the easy-to-follow tutorials. Once you develop your own personal hair growth regimen remain consistent and surround yourself by positive people, words and thoughts every chance you get. Our Shima Girls have done exactly this: They listened to instructions, surrounded themselves by positive energy, remained consistent and today their amazing hair growth results speak for themselves.

 10. How long has the Shima Hair brand been on the market? Our Shima Hair brand has been on the market for 7 wonderful years and counting.

9. Do Shima Hair Products work for older women who are 50 years of age on up? Yes. But keep in mind that as we women grow older our hair growth patterns tend to slow down. However, our Shima Girls in this age range have still gained wonderful hair growth results by remaining consistent with their Shima Hair products and protective styling. This is why we encourage you not to focus on how “fast” or “slow” your hair grows and to focus on hairlength retention instead. 

1.   What is The Shima Hair Growth System all about? The Shima Hair Growth System is an innovative, groundbreaking collection of moisture-rich maintenance products developed by Shima Kindelan in order to shatter the myth that women of color can’t grow their real hair to waist-length.  Every single product in The Shima Hair Growth System was developed to cater specifically to the unique requirements of Afro-textured hair. The products penetrate into the hair to moisturize, repair, renew, condition, nourish and thicken your hair without being greasy, oily, sticky, flaky and weighing down your hair. Unlike the average over-the-counter products targetted to women of color every product in The Shima Hair Growth line is very light in afterfeel and scent and only a very light application is all you need for all day moisture and astounding hair growth results

2. Can Shima Hair products be used on relaxed/chemically-treated and Natural hair? Yes. Shima Hair products were specifically developed to cater to the unique requirements of Afro-textured hair. Afro-textured hair tends to be very dry by nature. So whether your hair is relaxed or in its Natural state chances are your hair is still dry and lacking moisture.

3. Can Shima Hair products be used on children’s hair? Yes. Shima Hair products can be used on children’s hair from ages one on up. Be sure to keep products away from eyes, ears and mouth and use products in light amounts.

4. What are the ingredients in Shima Hair Products. All of the ingredients of The Shima Hair Product Line can be easily viewed on the order page and by looking at the description section. .

5. How long before I see noticeable hairgrowth results by using Shima Hair products. On average, our Shima Girls begin to see noticeable hairgrowth results in as little as two weeks. But it is more important to focus on hairlength retention and not on how “fast” or “slow” your hair is growing.

6. Can I use hair weaves, wigs, extensions, and lacefronts with Shima Hair products? For hair weaves the answer is Yes but only as long as the hair weaves is not glued in. Wigs and extensions are also a Yes. But lacefronts is a No due to the fact that most lacefront wigs are glued in. You need to be able to reach your real hair underneath atleast once every other day in order to apply your Shima Oils and Shima Hairline Cremes.

7. Do Shima Hair Products regrow hair affected by traction alopecia and/or orther forms of hairloss like hair baldness? Shima Hair Products were not formulated to regrow severe forms of hair loss caused by traction alopecia, medication or improper use of hair products and/or appliances. The main goal of our line is to maintain moisture on your hair and stop it from breaking so that your hair can grow longer. However, our products have been proven to regrow mild forms of thinning hair issues around the hairline, nape and crown on several of our clients by using light applications of our Shima Oil and Shima Hairline Cremes on the affected areas.

8. Does SHIMA HAIR, INC. ship international? Yes. We ship our products international. Our preferred method of shipping is the USPS (UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE). Please refer to our “Delivery Information” section.

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