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Shima Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner (8 fl.oz)

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Product Description

Shima Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner (8 fl.oz) 

Shima’s Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner is your second most important step in the Shima Hair Growth System. Women of color across the globe are constantly ripping their hair to shreds during hair wash day and comb out due to busy lifestyles and overall impatience, thus causing even more hair breakage and giant balls of hair on their combs leaving their hair at the exact same length and even shorter. Shima’s Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner is a powerful, condition-rich detangling formula that will forever change the way you look at hair wash day. Course, stiff, unmanageable hair instantly begins to separate into silky, smooth, detangled sections of hair allowimg our hair combs to simply glide on through!

Works on Relaxed, Natural and Bi-racial hair textures!

 Water  Panthenol (Pro Vit. B-5)
 Ceramide 3  Dicetyldimonium Chloride
 Biotin  PVP
 Ginseng Extract  Golden Jojoba Oil
 Rosemary Extract  Apple Cider Vinegar
Tocopheral Acetate (Vit. E)  Fragrance


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